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My latest album / Il mio nuovo album! La Repubblica del bilocale

Bandcamp link: https://angeloromano.bandcamp.com

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With a brackish, rough and anthropologically effective voice, Angelo Romano explores his own original language by putting it at service of sounds which, obviously, are based on Mediterranean acoustic settings but try to extend, with sincere shyness and very human ardor, towards both vaguely progressive and prog-wave sounds, as well as beyond any specific geographical borders. (Rockit)

Who is Angelo?

Angelo Romano is a man with many inconsistencies: an islander who can’t literally swim, a indie rocker who moves freely from synthesizers to guitars, bass guitar and even ukulele, a folk singer who uses occasionally a kazoo as both a homage to Paolo Conte and a way to pretend like he had a trumpet player at his side, switching seamlessly between English, Italian and Sicilian language, while sharing the depth of his soul or making you dance.

Everything is there, for song themes packed with references to Berlin, Barcelona, Sicily, politics, lucid dreams, ex-lovers, occasional muses, Tinder bios, imaginary characters and anything in between. A full-on believer in the power of music, arts, poetry, love, FM radios and arancinas.

Fully committed against pineapple pizza, racism, reggaeton and bullshit.

What did he play?

His latest works: La Repubblica del bilocale (2024), The Sicilian EP (2022), The New New Normal (2021), Southern Lights (2017, remixed in 2020), Selfie Show/Slow Show (2018). Plus much more back in the 2010s, including several European tours (the one of 2014 probably been the most legendary one in rock’n’roll terms).

Where to find him?

Usually Palermo, somewhere in the city centre enjoying walks and food. Unless when he is in Berlin, Las Palmas or wherever else it might happen. His endeavours can be traced back from Instagram (https://instagram.com/angiluzzo), Facebook (https://facebook.com/angeloromano.music) and Bandcamp (https://angeloromano.bandcamp.com). Pictures and sounds of him doing stuff can be found also on $potify, YouTube, Apple muSIC(k) and others.

How to contact him?

For collabs and booking inquiries: info [A/T] angeloromano [punkt] com

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