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As a polyglot globetrotter who lived in Berlin, the Netherlands, Barcelona and his native island, Sicilian musician Angelo Romano has consistently proved himself as a continuously changing artist who, after some time as a band and a parallel live act as an experimental musician, decided to return to solo mode, adding ukulele and synthesizers to his guitar-based tunes.

In English when he wants to be widely understood, and Sicilian and Italian when he instead prefers to sing the language of his heart. His unique style and strongly energetic live attitude comes with some elements of folk and acoustic post-punk that can distantly remind of artists like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Rino Gaetano. With a distinctive Sicilian accent to make it all even more unique.

After the release of “The New New Normal” (2021), written and recorded in Berlin and inspired by the German capital and the COVID-19 pandemic, and a four-track EP of Sicilian language songs aptly named “The Sicilian”, he is now about to publish and promote his very first album of Italian language songs in 2024, recorded between Berlin and Barcelona and featuring a more rock-oriented musical ensemble.


“With a brackish, rough and anthropologically effective voice, Angelo Romano explores his own original language by putting it at service of sounds which, obviously, are based on Mediterranean acoustic settings but try to extend, with sincere shyness and very human ardor, towards both vaguely progressive and prog-wave sounds, as well as beyond any specific geographical borders.”

[ Rockit, The Sicilian EP, 2022 – https://www.rockit.it/recensione/56572/angeloromano-the-sicilian-ep ]

“His folk attitude presents concretely in the expressive urgency that sounds almost lo-fi. The Sicilian artist brings into his soul all of the influences that paved the path, building up a original discographical production which is not afraid to mix up genres and creative styles.”

[ Rockit, The New New Normal, 2021 – https://www.rockit.it/recensione/54672/angeloromano-the-new-new-normal ]

“A guctural voice, well placed in the desire of mystery, as the strength and the right characteristic to lead us towards any possible limit, with no breaks. Its power of resistance and its punk attitude describe well the idea of jumping, flying and let us being taken by the strong desire to destroy the system with peace and firmness. A great song.”

[ Indie Criollo, Revolution, 2021 – https://web.archive.org/web/20211208002744/https://indiecriollo.com/2021/06/18/10-recomendaciones-diarias-del-under-mundial-para-el-oido-exigente-260/ ]

“A song with whom the musician brings on his folk research full of tradition between indie and punk music. With a salty and rugged voice, he couples Sicilian language with sounds that space between noise and progressive, eyeing overseas influences such as the use of ukulele.”

[ Sicilian Post, Piscaturi, 2022 – https://www.sicilianpost.it/sicilian-playlist-69-la-primavera-nel-jazz-di-sissy-castrogiovanni-e-il-jaccuse-di-manutsa/ ]


Official Web (with Photos, Videos, etc): https://angeloromano.com

Official Instagram: https://instagram.com/angiluzzo

Official Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/7nJrfYmyrVSJ7lfIAwgRAT

Official Music Video – PISCATURI (2022): https://youtu.be/l1m55HFo5gc

Live video – L’ARANCINA (2022) with Joana Carvalhas (violin): https://youtu.be/HLTUVRv_k2U

Live video – Girls of Prague (2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qggOFv4dZM

Live video – Shores of Barcelona: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf41B9yQ4WU

Live video – Barcelona Open Mic (2022): https://youtu.be/lt11ozGuaKQ


For his live shows around Europe in 2024, Angelo Romano will perform as a solo act on guitar and ukulele, using a pedal effect processor for vocals and more pedal effects on guitar to add more depth to his sound.

1 Microphone (Sennheiser E835)

1 Added microphone for effected vocals

1 TC Helicon Perform-VG with pedalboard (vocal and guitar processor)

1 Pedalboard for acoustic guitar

1 Acoustic Guitar (Ovation) with preamp

1 Tenor Ukulele with preamp

The artist requires at least 30 minutes for soundcheck purposes, preferably at least one hour before showtime.


Angelo Romano: info@angeloromano.com / +34 615564862 / +39 320 9685788